Where can I get a used car appraisal near Southfield MI for Sale in Southfield, MI

Where can I get a used car appraisal near Southfield MI

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Where can I get a used car appraisal near Southfield MI

Where can I get a used car appraisal near Southfield MI

Glassman Auto Group is among the leading automotive companies in and near Southfield Michigan. Our Hyundai, Kia and Subaru dealerships are among the leading providers of new vehicles in this region. We are also a leading seller of used vehicles and have an expansive inventory that ranges from the latest-model certified pre-owned options to used cars that cost less than $10K. Our company is also a top choice for used car appraisal near Southfield.

Where can I get a used car appraisal near Southfield MI - 2019 Kia Rio

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How much is my car worth? This is among the most common questions consumers have when shopping for a new car whether they are considering a new-new vehicle, a certified pre-owned or an older option. We do offer an online appraisal tool, and while such estimates are a good starting point, they are based on the average trade-in and likely do not accurately reflect your particular vehicle.

Where can I get a used car appraisal near Southfield MI - 2019 Hyundai Veloster

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Our appraisers perform comprehensive appraisals. We consider make, model, trim, options, mileage and depreciation. We can factor in transferable warranties and other items that have value. Our team can look beyond cleanliness because that is something that we can rectify in the event we purchase the car. We can also look beyond this immediate area. Demand dictates value. Being limited to Southfield suppresses that potential, but our reach extends far beyond Southfield and even outside Michigan.

Where can I get a used car appraisal near Southfield MI - 2019 Kia Sportage

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Choose us because we are experts in the automotive industry. We have been serving Southfield and the neighboring communities since 1969. That is more than 50 years of experience! Our company is a leading seller and buyer of new and pre-owned vehicles. Our network in this region and throughout the country is extensive. We understand automotive value and make fair offers to everyone we serve. Our automotive appraisers are among the best in the business. These are skilled, experienced professionals who specialize in what they do. They receive an ongoing education so that they continue to make accurate appraisals. We depend on them to ensure that our offers make sense for us but also ensure that our customers get great value and leave us feeling like they were treated well.

Where can I get a used car appraisal near Southfield MI - 2019 Subaru Forester

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Value your trade. Even if you are early in the buying process and use an online tool to get a rough estimate, having that knowledge is important. It provides you a better understanding of what your real budget is. Be mindful that if you choose us for used car appraisal near Southfield, you are not obligated to sell your car to us or to purchase your new or pre-owned vehicle from us. You should also note, however, that not all appraisals are the same. If you do choose to purchase a vehicle from us, we are often able to offer trade-in rebates and other opportunities. This means that you get even more value from your trade-in. This is possible through brand incentives and because it often makes sense for us to make less on a used vehicle in order to sell that new or pre-owned vehicle.

If you live in or near Southfield Michigan, we encourage you to use our website to get an initial quote. The process has just two steps and only takes about 10 seconds. Our network is able to estimate the value based on a wide range of factors, and while the number will not be final, it gives you an idea. You can than visit us with the vehicle or get further assistance by calling or contacting us online.

Glassman Auto Group invites drivers from throughout Southfield and the neighboring communities to take advantage of our used car appraisal services. We offer appraisal resources online and can provide you comprehensive assistance when you visit us in person. Our company has more than five decades of experience not just in the industry but in this region in particular, and our expert appraisers can perform an accurate appraisal as well as give you all the other information you need to make the best decision for you. Our mission is not to sell you a car but to help you buy a car, so contact us today.

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