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Used Car Dealers in Southfield MI 48033

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Used Car Dealers in Southfield MI 48033

Why Glassman Auto Group

Are you ready to find a pre-owned vehicle that will run on and on for the next decade or more? Do you want to have extra assurances when buying from used car dealers in Southfield, such as courtesy roadside assistance on your purchase? Glassman Auto Group is the place to call. Famous for its financing tools, large inventory, and respectful sales philosophy, Glassman has made a name for itself in the Southfield area for so many years. When you shop pre-owned, you need a dealership that understands how to shave dollars off your bottom line price, a dealer who knows that little things like courtesy roadside assistance mean a lot to buyers. Not everyone buys a pre-owned vehicle just to save money, but everyone who buys a pre-owned vehicle appreciates the deals they get from Glassman.

Used Car Dealers in Southfield MI 48033 - 2019 Hyundai Elantra

Used Car Dealer

Used car dealers in Southfield (48033) have a responsibility to make buying a pre-owned vehicle a meaningful and financially wise decision. You want to save dollars, but you don’t want to sacrifice quality. The vehicles that roll onto Glassman dealership lots are fully inspected by certified auto mechanics trained to go over the systems of that vehicle on a point by point basis. We inspect every single component on the vehicle, run diagnostics to ensure it’s top quality, and certify it via all of the stringent rules for used vehicle certification. Not only that, but we offer things like SiriusXM subscriptions for three months when you purchase a used vehicle, or other goodies that we throw in from time to time. All certified pre-owned inventory will include a warranty of some kind. You can upgrade to better warranties, too.

Used Car Dealers in Southfield MI 48033 - 2019 Subaru WRX

Used Car Dealer Financing

Our financing is done through one of our thousands of helpful lenders. Why do we work with so many lenders? Well, we want our customers to always have the power to say “no” to interest rates or financing arrangements that crimp your style. Good financing is always about choices. You want the power to say no to something that doesn’t agree with your budget. We give you that power by partnering with lenders who have competitive rates in mind. They also have flexible repayment plans that help you budget while paying for your vehicle. A pre-owned vehicle also gives you a lower insurance rate, allowing you to keep insurance on your vehicle for less. Many people choose pre-owned vehicles, or lightly owned vehicles, because of finances, but they also offer a much slower depreciation rate, giving you a vehicle that retains its value in the face of ownership. New cars depreciate in value quickly, and that gives you a chance to get a tremendous amount of savings on pre-owned vehicles that are only a few years old and still have all the latest technology.

Used Car Dealers in Southfield MI 48033 - 2019 Kia Sorento

Trade Ins

If you have a trade-in to offer, you can save even more money on a pre-owned vehicle purchase. Even if you think your old car isn’t worth a dime, give us a try. We’re well-known for giving out thousands of dollars even on heavily used vehicles in not so great shape. You are going to be surprised when you visit us with your trade-in at how much we’re willing to shell out to help you buy with us. Your trade-in value can be applied to your car purchase, making your savings grow even higher. To get an idea of how much your trade-in is worth, please use our handy trade-in calculator. We just need basic information about your current vehicle to give you an accurate estimate on how much we’re able to offer you in trade-in value. And if you just plain want to sell a pre-owned vehicle to us, we’re always looking for quality pre-owned vehicles!

Used Car Dealers in Southfield MI 48033 - 2019 Toyota Tacoma

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Glassman’s dedicated team works hard to ensure that you have the kind of selection and financing options that you deserve. You’re a hard worker who wants to invest that money in a pre-owned vehicle, and we’re going to be here to make sure that you accomplish your goals. Our goal is to help you walk away as a happy, doting customer who recommends us to your friends. That’s why we always make sure to put our customers first, no matter what. We’ll go a long way just to make sure you’re happy with your deal. Call us today to find out how we can help you own the best pre-owned car for your budget.

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