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Used Car Dealer near me Southfield MI

Used Car Dealer near me Southfield MI
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Why Buy a Used Car

If you’re looking for a used car, Glassman Auto Group is the first place you should turn to. Before you do turn to us, though, you might generally wonder exactly why you should seek out a used car dealer in the first place. Why not just buy a new car? Well, we’re here to tell you all the many reasons that people seek out Glassman Auto Group for their used vehicle needs. There are a few obvious reasons, such as a used car usually being cheaper than the same model bought new, but there are also a few reasons to shop used in Southfield that don’t have anything to do with price. In fact, even if you have money for a new car, you might want to consider seeking us out as your used car dealer.

Southfield MI - Used Car Dealer

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A used vehicle is obviously going to cost less than a new one, but it’s also going to be a better value in terms of what you get for the money. That’s because a used vehicle isn’t going to depreciate in value nearly as fast as a brand new car. Most new cars lose at least half of their value in the first year of ownership. A lot of the price of a new car is the “new dealer” fees and so many other advertising fees that dealerships have to pay. What’s new is hot, so you’re paying for more than just the car itself and what it will be worth over the next two decades. When you buy used, your vehicle is going to retain more of its value, and that means you can sell it back at a later time for a better deal.

Southfield MI - Used Car Dealer

Insurance matters

When you search out used vehicles near me in Southfield, you’re going to discover that your insurance rates aren’t as high when you plug that used vehicle in for insurance quotes. A brand new car is wildly expensive to insure. You should always make sure to consider the price of insurance in your bottom line price. When you do, you’ll discover that buying used near me Southfield means you’ll have a lower insurance payment every month. Who doesn’t want to save a few bucks on insurance? Over the years, it could amount to thousands of dollars you save on car insurance.

Southfield MI - Used Car Dealer

Custom Features are Cheaper

Remember all of those neat new “optional” features on new cars? You get those for free when you buy used. They’re not usually considered extra or even thought of at all when figuring in the price. For example, an upgraded, larger touchscreen command center isn’t going to suddenly make a model worth thousands more, even if the original buyer paid thousands for a technology package. You get upgraded features absolutely free when you buy used.

Southfield MI - Used Car Dealer

Vehicle Reliability History

Searching out used inventory near me in Southfield is more revealing than shopping used. That’s because used vehicles “near me” have a proven track record of performance (or don’t). No new car has a vehicle history. The only thing you know about its performance on the road is that it was created to perform. Has it, though? You’re never going to know! Thanks to online vehicle history reports, you quickly learn whether or not your used vehicle has ever been in an accident, how many times it has been a maintenance, and whether or not it has been owned by 10 different people or only one. Knowing these things about a potential car is vital in making the right decision about your vehicle. If you see a history you disapprove of, you can make a better decision. With new vehicles, you can’t do any of these things.

Why Shop With Us

Our dealership team is ready and willing to give our customers a premium used vehicle inventory and buying experience. We offer an excellent inventory that’s been fully inspected by our team of certified mechanics. Once you’ve bought your car, we can 100% service it as well thanks to our team of certified auto techs. No job is too big for them, and they truly love what they do for our customers. You can expect flexible financing, an easy, laid back buying experience, and a true friend for life in our dealership. We strive to do the little things that so many other dealerships forget are important, even if it’s just a friendly smile when you walk through the door or giving you space to let you shop. Our team is filled with the “customer is always right” spirit. Whatever you need to have a great buying experience, we do it! Give us a call today and let us help you pick out your used vehicle.

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