Southfield MI Area Pre-Owned Vehicles

March 23rd, 2020 by

Southfield MI Area Pre-Owned Vehicles

Glassman Auto Group – Southfield MI Area Pre-Owned Vehicles

At Glassman Auto Group, we serve many car shoppers who are ecstatic to drive home in a one of our new models. The benefits of a new car purchase are well-known, but there also are exceptional benefits to a used vehicle purchase that you may not want to miss out on.


Every pre-owned vehicle in our inventory is priced competitively, which means that our customers always get a great deal when they shop with us. Compared to a new vehicle, a used vehicle’s value and price have been affected by depreciation. Depreciation can impact vehicle value for many years, but this financial loss is most prevalent during the car’s first year or two on the road. During that time, the value can decrease substantially, but the vehicle’s features and style remain modern and desirable. The used vehicle may have low mileage and be in excellent condition. Overall, you can purchase a late-model used car that is comparable to a new model for a much lower price.


At Glassman Auto Group, we go to great lengths to ensure that our used vehicle inventory is loaded with high-quality options. Qualifying used vehicles are certified, and this means that they have low mileage, are only a few years old or less and are otherwise in superior condition. We also sell older vehicles that may be well-suited for our Southfield-area customers who are shopping for a car on a tight budget. Regardless of the age of the vehicle that you are interested in, you are assured that the vehicle has been screened for quality through an intensive, thorough process.


Some used car lots in town only carry older vehicles. Others specialize in newer models, foreign vehicles or other types of cars. At Glassman Auto, we know that one of the great benefits of a used car purchase is the diversity available to you. Our inventory represents beautiful models from a wide range of automakers. Their features, age, mileage and price vary dramatically. This incredible diversity makes it easy for many of our customers to quickly find a used vehicle that is a great match for their budget, desires and needs.

Whether you are on the fence about making a used car purchase or you have decided that this is the right move for you to make at this time, the next step is to visit Glassman Auto Group. When you arrive, you can browse through current used car inventory and pick out a few options that you are interested in test driving.

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