2018 KIA Stinger in Michigan for Sale in Southfield, MI

2018 KIA Stinger in Michigan

2018 KIA Stinger in Michigan

2018 KIA Stinger in Michigan

The 2018 KIA Stinger in Michigan opens with an entrance that screams bravado from the rooftops. Whether its the cartoon-like name or the styling that whispers swagger in every nook and cranny, the KIA Stinger shows us a stark contrast from the KIAs of the past that were defined as cheap-and-practical cars. One example of that definition being the KIA Soul. Gregory Guillaume, the chief designer of this spectacular vehicle, said the Stinger’s style came inspired from his boyhood fascination with the grand GTs that raced down the Autoroute du Soleil in southern France.


Everywhere you turn inside the cabin will catch your attention with the cool and sleek aircraft style. For example, the 2018 KIA Stinger features metal-ringed gauges, aircraft style spokes and satin chrome trim. Like many of the past KIAs, you still have the minimalist style, but the 2018 KIA Stinger grabs the minimalism of past cars and adds a slightly luxurious signature. The cocoon-like interior lets you feel cozy as the deeply contour seats let you sit back in total relaxation. When you do business through our Michigan KIA dealership, we also give you the option for the ultra-soft Nappa leather covers. On the driver’s side, you can also opt in for the adjustable bolsters. Call the Glassman Auto Group for further information.


Looking at the past cars of KIA, most were everything but athletic styling. A look at the 2018 KIA Stinger in Michigan, however, reveals an attention-grabbing exterior. First, it exudes confidence at every inch. You have a longer body than the BMW 4 Gran Coupe, and the wheelbase outmatches the Lexus GS in length. It delivers an elegance and athleticism rarely seen in vehicles. Whether you look at the four oval-shaped exhaust pipes or the sleek and notable rear-wheel-drive proportions, the KIA mindset in this vehicle is basically this, “No detail is too small to obsess over.”

Walk in our lot and check out the 2018 KIA Stinger in Michigan. It will, however, make you wonder where this car came from. The idea actually comes from the GT concept cars of the legendary Nurburgring circuit. Still, the idea has been turned over and examined from several different angles to uncover the best exterior styling. It feels intimate while being expansive at the same time. The KIA Stinger looks so impressive, it actually won the EyesOn Design award for, “Production Car Design Excellent.” If you’d like to learn more, you can contact the Glassman Auto Group in Michigan.


The Glassman Auto Group would love to show you the technology in the KIA Stinger. For example, you have a large color touchscreen, and you have six stereo speakers for crystal clarity. If you decide to upgrade to the twin-turbocharged V6 engine, you will add three speakers with an amplifier. Ever been on a long trip and your smartphone died? Thanks to the wireless smartphone charging pad, you can keep your phone charged between stops. This car includes navigation directions and trip details over the computer. As the driver, you can program the settings to meet your personalized requirements.


The 2018 KIA Stinger can brag about the exceptional handling. It’s the first sedan of this brand that offers all-wheel drive. In addition, you have a twin-turbo V6 engine for the maximum level of power. Both of these engines team up with an eight-speed automatic transmission. Rev this bad boy, and it generates up to 360 horsepower with an exhilarating performance that optimizes fuel efficiency and maintains the premium sports car vibe all down to the bones. It rides quietly even when you have five others sitting in the cabin. This car has been built on 55 percent high strength steel construction.

Because of the turbocharged four-cylinder 2.0 liter engine, your engine will produce up to 6,200 rpm. Meanwhile, it boasts 260 feet of torque that ranges from 4,000 rpm to 1,400 rpm. When you visit our Michigan KIA dealership, you learn how fast this car races down the highway. In fact, you can accelerate from zero to 60 in under five seconds. Meanwhile, the speed tops out at 167 miles per hour.


Whenever an eager driver comes to our Michigan KIA dealership, we speak extensively about the safety features of this car. First, every one of these vehicles includes collision avoidance technology and driver assistance. You will also receive a Driver Attention Alert System. This technology detects drowsiness and fatigue in drivers, and when it sees it, the system advises you on the nearest place to stop for rest. Along with excellent safety technology, the adaptive cruise control comes with full-stop capabilities. You will also have access to a warning system for pedestrians and a lane departure warning system.

The bottom line is that this is a great car to own in Michigan state. In some ways, it changes the voice of the dependable car brand that we all know and love, but it does this in an engaging way where the car never strays too far from what made this Korean automaker so brilliant. You can visit our car lot in Michigan to schedule a test drive. We will work monthly payments with you, and if you need financing, we will also take you through your options for owning your next car. This one is almost guaranteed to turn heads on the highway and while driving into the office.

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